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Discover Top 9 Emotional Needs Human Givens Counselling

Human Givens Surrey Innate Emotional Needs

What are the nine Emotional Needs used in Surrey Human Givens Counselling?

In Human Givens Counselling, one of our organising ideas that all humans have nine innate needs, which are:

  1. Security
  2. Privacy
  3. Control
  4. Attention
  5. Community
  6. Intimacy
  7. Status
  8. Achievement
  9. Meaning and Purpose

On this page, we explore these 9 innate needs in more detail.

What are the 9 Emotional Needs?


Feeling physically, psychologically and emotionally safe.


Having time for yourself, to reflect and consolidate experiences.


A sense of autonomy, with the power to make your own choices.


Giving other people attention and receiving attention from other people.


Feeling part of a wider community. This is not the same as having lots of people around. It is about engaging with those people, connecting with them, feeling part of their world, rather than feeling isolated or lonely.


Having someone who accepts you for who you really are. A person that you know, where you can express your thoughts and feelings, without having to worry about judgement or negative consequences.


Having a recognised position within social groupings.


Knowing and growing competencies and abilities.

Meaning and Purpose

Feeling like you are here for a reason.

Counselling Emotional Needs

At Surrey Human Givens, the 9 emotional needs are an organising idea for our counselling.

We often find that, when these emotional needs are not being met or are not in balance, people feel unwell.

By using the Human Givens Counselling approach, we help clients to meet their emotional needs more effectively, to help provide a better sense of mental wellbeing.

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