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Privacy Notice

This privacy notice explains how, a trading name of Keith Dewey, uses personal data.

We are contactable on 0800 292 2126 or via this website’s contact forms.

Our ICO registration number is #ZA512545

1) How do We Process Personal Data?

a) If You Visit Our Website

We record data about your device and your use of our website. This is for our legitimate interest to help maintain the security and performance (technical and content) of our website.

b) If You Ask Us For Information

If you ask us for information, we will use the details you provide to reasonably respond, for our legitimate interest.

c) If You Are A Client Or Prospective Client

We will process relevant details as required to enter into and fulfil our contract with you. For example, this will include relevant contact details, appointment details, payment details, physical health, mental health, and personal history.

We will treat information disclosed during counselling sessions as strictly confidential, unless we need to share data with relevant third parties for suggested acts of terrorism or funding (public interest), to respond to legal action or regulatory complaints against us (legal proceedings), to mitigate imminent risk of harm to a living being (vital interest) or to comply with the law (legal obligation).

If we believe we require professional supervision, from our formally assigned Human Givens Supervisor, to help manage your case, your details will be anonymised for those discussions.

Formal assessment scores will be anonymised and used for research purposes, to help assess the effectiveness of the counselling approach.

Because considerable change can happen during each therapy session, we will contact you after therapy sessions to check on your wellbeing, to gain feedback on our previous session and to discuss next steps in relation to our contract, as our legitimate interest, which you can opt-out of at any time.

d) If You Engage Us On Social Media

We will process data you share with us, in accordance with the purposes of that social media platform.

e) Professional Third Parties

We engage professional third parties, such as peer therapists, peer organisations and service providers, to support the mental health industry and to seek ways to improve our services.

In doing so, we will process professionals’ details of people working for those organisations, such as contact details, qualifications and service details, as a legitimate interest.

2) Processing Data

We only retain data for as long as is needed, for the purposes as defined above and associated legal, regulatory or crime prevention purposes.

We only process personal data in countries that are deemed to have adequate data safeguarding under GDPR, or where an EU Standard Contractual Clause for International Transfers has been agreed.

We do not sell personal data to third parties.

We operate a wide range of security controls, which we believe to be appropriate to protect your data.

We only transfer data to our third party data processors for our own purposes, under written agreement and following due diligence assessments.

We only transfer data to other data controllers if needed for safeguarding, legal, regulatory or crime prevention purposes.

We will share data with third parties if necessary to defend ourselves against legal claims or complaints.

3) Personal Data Rights

We fully respect your rights to request that we:

  • Allow you to opt-out of any process that you previously consented to, at any time.
  • Provide you with a copy of your personal data that we are processing, or to pass it to a third party on your behalf.
  • Amend or delete your personal data that we are processing.
  • Restrict processing of your personal data that we are processing.
  • Explain or manually review any automated decision making or profiling.
  • Provide further information about our processing activities.
  • Do not unfairly discriminate against you for exercising your data rights.

We will endeavour to fulfil your request. However, if we are unable to fulfil your request, we will inform you of the matter and the reasons, which can include legal, regulatory or contractual obligations.

If you wish to raise a Data Subject Request or contact us about any another matter, please contact our Data Protection Office at:

  • UK 0800 292 2126
  • Send an online message from any of the contact forms on this website.

When we receive a request, we will take steps to verify your identity and the request, and will normally complete the request within one month after your identity is verified.

Please let us know if you are not happy about how we are handling your data. We will do out best to resolve the matter, but if you have further concerns it is your right to make a complaint to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office or the Human Givens Institute.

4) What Else?

This privacy notice was drafted with brevity and clarity in mind. If you would like more details, please let us know.

We keep our notice under regular review and reserve the right to update our notices at any time.

If you have a question, comment or suggestion relating to our data protection matters, please contact us here: